gaillardia amblyodon

The Great Bog Adventure, Part III: The Dryish Bits

Ehehehehehe!  Oh, that was priceless!  The human female’s rubber boots are a couple of sizes too large. She stumped out into the water and sank one foot so deep that she stepped right out of the boot!  I wish I had film of her wobbling and wavering and trying not to fall in the muck.  Eventually, a fellow botanist propped her up long enough for her to reach down and pull the boot out by hand.  I was so busy laughing that I missed my chance to give her just a tiny shove and watch her do a full splat.

Having had her fill of sulfurously aromatic bog mud, she has moved on to exploring the dry, sandy margins of the bog.  Sigyn and I are tagging along because there are a LOT of flowers blooming here.

Sigyn, look at this one–it’s all fringe-y and weird.  Sort of like the human female.


These are a little more normal.  Sigyn likes the big one, because reasons.


The white ones have some unpronounceable name I don’t care about, but the purple ones–sniff, sniff–smell niftily minty.  Better than the human female, at any rate.

The real trophy of the day, though is this…thing.


The human female says it’s the capsular fruit of Proboscidea louisianica, blah, blah, blah.  Again, don’t care.  It’s sharp and pointy and mean-looking and it’s mine now.   Sigyn, there are two of them.  Do you want yours, or can I have it?  (He said hopefully.)

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