gelsemium sempervirens

Out and About in Gilbert

We are still visiting.  The human female’s is saying , “Fish and houseguests begin to smell after three days.”  No, that is just the human female…

Today we are poking around in the town of Gilbert.  Apparently it has a fascinating pioneer history and blah blah blah settlers and yammer yammer territory yadda yadda something.  Or at least that’s what the signs at the museum say.  Sigyn is enthused.  I prefer a bit more battle and a lot more ME in my sagas.

Still, there are a few interesting things to look at at this museum.  There’s a covered wagon on the front porch.  I’ve heard about how whole families traveled in these for months on end, with all of their belongings crammed in, and how crowded it all was.


I don’t know, Sigyn–looks roomy enough to me…

Sigyn is quite enchanted by this little canine.  I’m not sure what he is doing here here on the porch.


Or why his tailor did such a horrible job of fitting his fur suit.

There is a quilt show here today—which is, I think, the real reason the human female is here.  There is not a huge assemblage to view, though I must admit that this primitive and blocky giraffe makes me snicker.


The maker had to label it so people would know what it was.

In the modern part of the museum, there is a real police motorcycle people can sit on.

So we are.


Somehow it’s not as much fun if it’s actually allowed.

Do you think anyone would notice if…


…a few of these sharp and pointy old veterinarian’s tools followed me home?

Do you know what Sigyn liked best of everything we saw today?

The blooming Carolina jessamine.  According to her, it smells “delicious…”


…and makes a very tall, very fetching chapeau!

>|: [


A Guide to the Campus Flora, Part III: Sigyn’s Other Favorite Color

I am still being dragged around, looking at the campus flora.  This next one is an attractive plant.  The human female hasn’t seen it before and thinks it might be something in the Primrose family.


Sigyn doesn’t care about its taxonomic placement, so long as the flowers fit on her pretty little head.  Most becoming!

She can’t wear these little fruits, but they’re the same cheerful shade.


No, Sigyn, I don’t think you should eat them.  They may look like tiny lemons, but but I doubt they taste like them.  Great Frigga’s hairpins!  The human female says they’re toxic! Definitely do not eat them!  (But maybe I will make the human female some special “lemonade”…)

And there’s this.  The human female used to have some in her garden, but she killed it.  She does that.  A lot.  (For someone who claims to be a botanist, she has a surprisingly brown thumb.)


Oh, Sigyn take a whiff of this one!  Mmmmm.  It smells just like pansies!


The human female had one of these plants, too, once upon a time.  I’m sensing a trend here.

Make that two trends.


>|: [