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Ruined Breakfast, the Gift That Keeps on Giving

So the human female did end up taking a cart of yogurt with her and eating it when she got where she was going. She soon discovered, however, that–just like the strawberries– the yogurt had frozen solid in the back of the fridge. It had thawed by the time she got to it, and she learned a fun fact: Did you know that when you freeze and thaw Greek yogurt, the result is a thin, watery liquid with tiny, fine curds of yogurt that feel in the mouth a lot like ricotta cheese? She did the best she could, eating her Curds and Whey like some woebegone Miss Muffet. She put the empty carton in a plastic bag, tossed the bag back into her backpack to deal with later, and went about her day.

It is now “later.”

I have written before about the disaster that is the human female’s backpack. The outside is held together with mending and good wishes, and the inside is an unparalleled Chaos Dimension. What you may not know is that in her infantile stupidity, she always totes around a little tin of tiny, knobby plastic building blocks. They go with her everywhere. I have no idea what she sees in them. They are pointless and boring. In any case, to make sure that the tin stays unscratched and that any loose pieces stay corralled, she keeps the tin and some other odds and ends in a little white cloth sack.

Today, I saw to it that the Little Cloth Sack met the Somehow Open Plastic Bag with the “empty” yogurt carton from yesterday’s disastrous breakfast.

Wet is bad. Sticky is bad. Wet and sticky and slightly cheesy is even worse. And because the particular carton of yogurt was one of those that has…

a sidecar of goopy, fruity stuff (which she didn’t finish and didn’t dispose of), the mess is even worse.

Ehehehehe! Have you learned anything from this? Like–I don’t know–maybe making sure your yogurt doesn’t freeze, washing out your used yogurt cartons before dumping them in a bag that’s not really sealed, or–and I’m going out on a limb here–maybe not carrying around little plastic toys all the time?

Sigh. I suspect she won’t absorb the lesson from this situation. She’ll get a reminder tomorrow, though, when she discovers that her sunglasses case has been similarly thoroughly gooped.

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Goofing Up The Goop

A am bored.  I think I shall look around and see what mischief I can get up to in the human female’s workplace.  I wonder what is going on in the prep rooms?

Oho!  It looks as if the Prep Staff is going to be pouring little plates of agar and punching holes in them for the students to use for practicing their pipetting skills, in preparation for learning how to load and run a gel. The dishes are here, waiting to be poured, and the agar is simmering on the hotplate.

practice plates 2

I’m in luck!  Some have already been poured but not yet punched.  Here, let me help with that!

Punch!  Punch!  Punch!  Punch!  Ehehehehehe!

practice plates 3

There!  All punched!  And no, my glorious boots aren’t sterile, either, so there!

practice plates 4

One down, seven hundred and ninety-nine to go!

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More Goop for the Feline

The mortals have changed the pharmacy from which they purchase the feline’s many medicines.  Cheaper goop-shipping and auto-refils are definite inducements.  The new medicaments have arrived.  Let’s inspect them for mischief potential.

The new put-up for the beast’s thyroid medicine is some sort of pen-like thing.  I do not understand how it works.  Sigyn, can you figure out the instructions?

cat medicine 2

“Turn barrel two full rotations to receive full dose.”  Ah.  Now I see.  The end part twists and makes clicky noises and goop comes out.

cat medicine1

I shall enspell this so that after the human female wipes the dosage off onto a gloved finger, it continues to ooze, so that at the next dosing, there’s already some goo extruded.  That should be amusing.  And messy.  And imprecise.

The pharmacy has included some little round rubber things.  I can’t imagine what they’re for…

cat medicine 3

Unless they are prophylactics for pixies or…

Great Frigga’s Corset!  No, Sigyn, DO NOT PUT THAT ON YOUR HEAD!!

cat medicine 4

Although, I must admit it has a rather jaunty, nautical flair.

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