What They’ve All Been Up To, Part V: They’ll Let Just Anyone In Here

I’ve managed to check up on most of the local citizenry, but a few are conspicuously missing. Where are Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Pepper Potts, and the other members of the X Chromosome League?

Ah. Found them. All I had to do was follow the giggling.

Apparently it’s Hair-do Club Day and I didn’t get the memo. The topic for this week’s meeting is The Long Bob and the Faces It Flatters. Darcy looks unsure about chopping off her long mane.

Wait—I was momentarily blinded by the glare from the screen.

“Thor, is that you?”

“Indeed, brother! These fair ladies have been offering most sage advice on how best to tame my flowing locks.”

‘Flowing locks’? Give me a break.”

“Hey, can anyone get in on this?”

Gunnehilde! I was NOT expecting to run into my bearded sister-in-law today, and especially not here! It would appear that the five-o-clock shadow spell I cast upon her on the first day of April going on seven years ago has lost none of its efficacy. Is she not a sight to behold?

Ehehehehehe! As I said, it suits her. Sometimes I do not know my own strength. Ehehehehehe! Ack! I forget sometimes she knows what to do with that sword! Time to make a strategic retreat.

Ah. Late winter sunshine and the narcissus are blooming.

And I found Groot! I think he likes the sunshine, too.

Now, where did Sigyn go?

>|: [

A Mischievous Milestone!

I’m pretty sure that since most humans are too busy to keep track of such things–and that some (like the human female) can’t count that high–none of the minions who read this ongoing record of my exploits have realized that, sometime in the last week, my journal has passed



Granted, some of them were brief announcements (often of the nature of “I didn’t do it” with a chuckle at some poor mortal’s misfortune), but I still feel this calls for some sort of recognition.

Gather, my adoring masses!  My ears await your paeans of praise!  Where are the armies marching in review?  Where are the fireworks? Where is my parade already?


Ah, well.  At least there’s cake.

>|: [

Feel free to express your adulation in the comments!  Don’t leave me here with only the noise of Thor chewing.

Things Were Going Fine Until…

It is actually nice outside today—sunny and clear; cool but not cold; all the spring plants just starting to come into their own.  In short, a perfect day for a walk with my sweetie!

a nice walk

I love how the sun brings out the auburn in her hair.

Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Is that who I think it is?


It is!  It’s my horrible sister-in-law Gunnehilde; my not-lost-long-enough, horribler half-sister Hela; and the horriblest big, green behemoth who assaulted my person at our last meeting in New York.   They do not look as if they have come for tea.  Don’t worry, Sigyn!  I’ll protect you!


What do you three want?!  Sigyn, sit tight while I deal with these pestilent persons.

closer still

Uh, oh!  On second thought, RUN!!


Sigyn would never forgive me if harmed her sister.  Instead, I’ll just teleport my beloved and myself to safety.

One… two…THREE!! 


>|: O



A Visit to the Shrew-in-Law

Not having found Sigyn at home, I now find myself doing something that is always the bottom of my list of ways I’d like to spend an afternoon–visiting my sister-in-law. That is so bottom-of-the-list that it’s halfway down the next page.

(And would someone please make this bird quit following me? Shoo! Away, foul creature!)

Oh, joy. There is the pernicious biddy now, with one of her over-priced, foul-tempered nags.


You might recall that my April Fool’s joke from 2014 has proven to be one of the most durable bits of magic I’ve ever done, so I am not Gunnehilde’s favorite person either.


“Ho! My Lady Stubbleface! Where is my beloved Sigyn?”

“Run off with someone taller, smarter, better-looking, and less poisonous than you, if she has any sense.”

“Woman, do not anger me. She was supposed to meet you this morning, yes? What time did she leave your august company?”

“Well, Sir Pestilence Personified, she never showed up. Ordinarily, I’d say she was out giving candy to orphans, but since you’re involved, my money is on she’s scarpered and is probably in Mexico by now.”

“Faugh! You are no help. I will find her myself. Will you at least consent to mind this brainless avian while I search?”

“For Sigyn’s sake, I will. You get diddly-squat, favor-wise.”

“Contact me if you hear from her.”



Now I am really starting to worry. If she’s not with me or her sister, where could she be? I suppose I can check with the members of her book club. I think I know where she keeps the list… Back to the house.

>|: [