hail hail the gang's all here

Into the New Year, Part I: The Invitation

Sigyn and I are back from our little holiday in Vancouver. We had a good time, but there’s mischief to do at home, so I can’t stay gone forever. Besides, Sigyn has an invitation to Tony Stark’s New Year’s Eve Party. She really, really wants to go. I really, really don’t. And I’ll tell you why.

A) I am not a “Party Person.” This is an established fact.

B) I do not particularly care for any of the people who are likely to be there. Let us just say that we have not always been kind to one another in the past

C) Pretty high up on my list of “Worst Ways to Spend an Evening” is listening to Stark brag endlessly, smirk at everyone, and flirt with anything that has a pulse.

Yet here I am, going. I can deny my sweetie nothing.

Let it be recorded that I finished out 2021 by doing a Good Thing.

Are you sure about this, Sigyn? It’s still not too late to back out…

“No, Loki. It would be rude. I’ve already said we were coming. It’s only for a few hours.”

More like a few eternities.

Oh, well. Better brace up. We’ve arrived.

Norns have mercy…

>|: [

When Out On the Roof There Arose Such a Clatter


It is very dark and VERY stormy out today.  Flannel Cat has retreated behind/under the sofa.  The trees outside are being whipped into a frenzy and outside the window, it is all one green-gray blur.

It is raining sideways.

Having grown up with the God of Thunder, violent storms like this don’t frighten me in the slightest, and Sigyn is pretty brave (unless the thunder is right overhead, in which case, tight hugs have to happen).  So we are all pretty cozy inside, and we are content to let the outside rage as much as it wants.

Spat! Clatter! Rattle! Ping! Boink! Whack! Pop! Ping!

Well, that’s a different noise.  Is that what I think it is?  You stay here, Sigyn, I’ll go look.


Yes.  Just as I suspected.  Look, Sigyn!  Frozen peas!

Sadly, not big enough to give the human female’s car a permanent case of the dimples, but entertaining nonetheless.

>|: [

Prunus tripla

It is still cherry season.  The human male did the grocery marketing and came home with a bag of the biggest, blackest cherries I have ever seen.

How big are they?


They’re a little less than one Benno in height, about two Bennos around, and about three Bennos in weight.


He’s terrified of them.


Run, Benno, run!

There are a lot of twin cherries in the double handful the human female brought for lunch.

Idunn’s Pomes and Ponytails!  It’s a triple cherry!  I have never seen the like!


How does one pull a triple cherry?  I guess we need someone else to participate.  No, Fisi, I’m not letting you do it. I don’t want hyena spit on my fruit!


Let’s go see if we can find someone else to play with us…



Ice is Nice, Part IV: The Rest of Everybody

I should have known these two would show up.  Steve is just too goody-goody to pass up something as wholesome as skating, while Stark can’t stand not being the center of everything.


And T’challa, the Black Panther.  Yes, yes.  Come on in.  Might as well.


Muffy seems happy to see him, at any rate.

Ehehehehe!  Is it mean of me to get a chuckle out of the fact that Steve is something of a klutz when it comes to ice skating?


Oh, Sigyn, just leave him. It won’t hurt him to flounder for a bit.  Breeds character.

Sigyn?  Are you enjoying yourself?  You are?  Good!  That’s all I wanted.  Just a quiet afternoon…


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!   We’ve got more company!  Attracted, no doubt, by the helpless wounded-seal wallowings of clowns and supersoldiers.  Gungnir’s inside the house, Thor doesn’t have Mjolnir handy, and looks like Steve didn’t think he’d need his shield!  Sigyn, get behind me–!


Sigyn, waitWhat are you doing?!


Whew!  I always forget just how good she is with animals.  Ride on, beloved!


You’re surely the queen of the rink!

>|: [

More Is Always Better

So just what did I receive in the mail yesterday?  Which of my spells needs a little help?

Why my Loki duplication illusion, of course!

Aaaaaand–ta da!


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Look at those sloppy doppelgangers!  I must be out of practice.

(I’m the real one in the lower right.)

Concentrate… Concentrate


All okay back there?  That’s better.


Ready to take over Midgard!  Which is Loki, and which is an illusion?  Can you tell?  Thor never can, the dolt.  He falls for this trick every time.


Sigyn knows which one is really I, but she’s still a little shaken up.   Too much gloriousness at once will do that to you.

Yes indeed, we are all going to have fun with this spell.



>|: [


Gathering More Help

Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to ask for help, but Sigyn is missing and I’m frantic and someone has to know where she is and…

Focus, Loki. Keep looking. Think. Who are her other friends?

There’s, um, that flaky doctor and his simian sidekick. It couldn’t hurt to try him.


“Und ze centrifuge, Remus, mein Freunde. I must have one. Add that to your total, Bitte.”

“Herr Doktor, Guten Tag.”

“Loki, and assorted others! Guten Tag! Herr Clown und Herr Schneemann I know, but who is the so pretty Fraulein Kätzchen?”

“This is Muffy. Look, Doktor–”

“‘Arnold,’ Bitte.”

“Look, Arnold, have you seen Sigyn? She’s been missing since yesterday, and we can’t find her anywhere.”

“Nein. I have not seen your Liebchen. Remus? Hast Du sie gesehen? Nein? I am sorry, Herr Loki. But we do not know where she may be.”

“Will you help us look?”

“Ja, of course we help you. Remus, he helps me with the unplugging of certain devices, and then we go.”

“Danke, Arnold; Danke, Remus.”

I can think of one more person to ask.


“I hear you up there banging around. Don’t just stand there. Hand me the 5/8″ crescent wrench, will ya?”



“Oh, hey, Loki! What brings you here? Hey! Get that monkey out of my tools!”

Rocket, we’re looking for Sigyn. She’s missing. Have you seen her?”

“Nah, man. Me and Groot have been off doing some odd jobs, ya know? Haven’t seen her in a while.”

“Damn. No one knows where she is, and I’m getting really worried.”

“No kidding. Look, lemme finish this one little thing and then me and Groot’ll help you look.”

“Thanks. I have the horrible feeling we’re running out of time.”

>|: [