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What’s All the Fuss About a Bunch of Old Words?

The humans are making a special trip to one of the galleries on campus, but I don’t see what all the excitement is about.  Apparently, there is a book exhibit consisting of precisely ONE book.

Throughout Midgard, mortals get all silly about the author of this work, a man of obscure and humble parentage who died eons ago.  This man, who couldn’t even be counted upon to spell his own name the same way each time, was a poet and playwright of some fame in his own time, but for some reason his scribblings are still studied and performed today.  This year marks the 400th anniversary of his death, so the few surviving copies of the first printed volume of his collected works are receiving all sorts of attention.

And that’s what this little jaunt is about–a so-called First Folio.  Guests are invited to examine it and take their likeness standing next to it.  If one does and posts the resulting image to “social media” (whatever that is) one receives a free T-shirt.

I am all about getting something for nothing (though I have bad luck with free T-shirts), so here:


I ask you–which is more majestic, the Norse God or the dusty, out-of-focus old book?

The curators have the book open to two pages bearing some of the most famous lines in the most famous of the plays.  Something about catching the conscience of a king (I tried to do that, but Odin is stubbornly resistant to reason), as well as another something about nunneries.  There is also a good bit of existential angst, a state with which I am all too familiar.


Hmm.  Perhaps there’s something to this William fellow after all.

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