hey that first boat IS a wheeled vehicle

I Spent My Anniversary Playing With Toys, Part II: Ferrous Oddities

There are other cast iron novelties here besides wheeled vehicles.

There are some very fine watercraft. 


Sigyn, shall I liberate the red and green speedboats so we can have a race in Rudder Fountian outside?

Ah.  My beloved has found some toys that are not vehicles at all, and the exhibit has become quite surreal.


The frog is amusing, but do not get too close to that fellow in the chair!  He appears to have leprosy.

I am glad these items are all behind glass–


Because I do NOT like the look in that duck’s beady little eye!  Beware, you waddling villain…  One false move toward my beloved and this display will include a ramekin of cast iron confit de canard colvert.

Great Frigga’s corset!


If the duck is malign, this pineapple is downright diabolical!  Anyone for some piña malevoladas?

>|: [