"honey why do the cookies taste like pickles?

A Visit to the Greengrocer

I must admit to having consumed a surfeit of holiday goodies this year. Our kitschy cottage had a welcoming basket of gingerbread cookies, there was the beer-sausage-and-cheese fest, and I could not resist the bags of candy near the tills at the that last store we stopped at. I am languishing for something that resembles a vegetable!

Luckily, there is a Purveyor of Greenstuff on our way back to the motel. Come, Sigyn, let us see what is on offer.

Those are the handsomest, cleanest turnips I have ever seen! However, I must admit I am not really a turnip-lover.

Carrots! Yes, carrots are a much better choice! The one you’re standing on is possessed of some extra appendages. A magnificent specimen, indeed.

Great Frigga’s Corset–what is that over there?!

Oh. Rainbow carrots. We’ve seen those before. It’s just that I caught a glimpse out of the corner of my eye, and for a moment I thought they were selling bundled crayons. That would be silly. Who would want carrot-shaped crayons?

This, though. What even is this?

“Menti leaf”? Never heard of it. Must remember to look it up when we get home.

(A bit later) Well, now we have some apples and carrots and oranges. That ought to aid our recovery from too much indulgence. I might also buy a bottle of this.

Supposed to be good for whatever ails you.

Wait. “Sipping vinegar?” Pass. Although… Change the label and you could put this in the spice cupboard to masquerade as a big bottle of vanilla. Should make for some interesting cookies next time the human female gets the baking urge.

Now I’m actually eager to get home. There’s so much mischief to do in the year to come! 2021 has “Loki” written all over it!

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