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Didn’t we do this already? Part II: Real Science

Now we are Doing Science. The human female has traipsed all over the wet woods with her little checklist, noting which plants are in evidence at the moment. I’d like to point out that no one is actually going to check what she’s marking down. She’s probably just making it all up, racking up a terrific tally of species she can boast about later. (With her, it’s all about beating the Insect Nerds and Bird People.)

Now that she is back at the plant tent, I shall help with that. Let me improve her list.


She came back from her survey with this grass that Sigyn likes.


Sigyn found this pretty little flower. She says it looks like little orchids.


If I knew what an orchid looks like, I might agree.

She has also found this yellow daisyish flower.


Eew! Sigyn, wait! Look–

Too late.


There were aphids in that.

>|: b