hope you packed a spare pair of pants

Didn’t we do this already? Part IV: An unexpected member of the Scinscidae

Still not a lot visitors to the Plant Geek tent. I am bored with crayons and checklists and flowers. More than ready to go home, even if the human female is still yammering and playing with the art supplies.

Sigyn, perhaps we should take a little walk down the trail and see if there is anything interesting at the other exhibits. Which would you rather, mammals or insects? Very well, furry it is.

Oh, wait! It looks like the Herpetology tent has come to visit us!


The human female says this is an Ambassador Animal, someone’s pet that visitors can touch, and that it is something called a “blue-tongued stink.” I don’t smell anything, but the tongue sounds interesting. Open wide, lizard, and let’s have a look!

Um, this beast is now a bit too close for comfort. Pet or not, I must summon Gungnir and make sure Sigyn is safe. Stop, beast! That is far enough!


I should have known. My sweetie sure does have a way with animals!


What?! Ehehehehehe! The naughty stink has…peed on the humans! Oh, ehehehehehehe! Well done! Not bored anymore!!

>|: ]