horns are a hindrance

A Holiday! Day 7: Just plain fun

What do you want to do for your last day of vacation, Sigyn? An amusement park? Really?

All right. I suppose we could do that… (Actually, I doubt I will be amused, but I am a pushover where my dearest heart is concerned.)

Sigyn, did you remember to take off your shoes before you went in the bouncy house?


What in the Nine Realms is that? Oh. I see. Something to climb on. You’re very good at that, you know.


I…um…seem to have encountered a little difficulty…


Whew! After all of that, I just want to take off my splendid-yet-somewhat-cumbersome helmet and rest for a bit. I’m not hungry, but Sigyn has gone in search of refreshments.

Wait–have you finished off all the cotton candy already?


Home tomorrow.

>|: [


Apparently the Midgardian NSA is monitoring my diary. They dispatched someone immediately to improvise a temporary holding cell. The indignity! I have noticed, however, that this cage is not sealed top and bottom. The only thing hindering my escape will be the annoying tendency for the $!@&¥! horns on my helmet to tangle in the @$8€%#! bars…