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The First Good Neener Walk of the Year (Sigyn Speaks)

I think I’ll celebrate the arrival of spring with a walk along the Neener Path by the big ugly apartments that sit where the neighborhood pond used to be! Loki is busy tinkering with some mischief and says he’s too busy today and that if both the humans go I’ll probably be safe, as long as I don’t try to cross the creek. I’ll miss his company, but I guess that means more flowers for me!

The bur-clover is such a cheerful yellow!

The wood-sorrel is exactly the same color. Isn’t that neat?

And look! Here’s some yellow growing out of a crack in a retaining wall. The human female says these are called straggler daisy.

More yellow! This is oriental false hawksbeard. It’s not native, but it’s cute.

It’s like little dandelions on stilts!

I just love real dandelions! They’re so soft and sunny!

Sometimes you just have to smoosh your face into a flower and give it a big hug!

There is plenty of purple around too. The little wild sweet peas are sort of reddish-purple.

And so is the henbit (which I always think looks like little hand-puppets!):

But what’s this little blue flower next to the henbit?

I think I remember these from last year… What was their name?

Oh! Now I remember! They’re one of the little speedwells! So tiny!!!

Shepherd’s purse has tiny flowers, too, but the plants are bigger.

Squee! The heart-shaped fruits are so cute!

It’s sort of a toss-up as to which are cuter, speedwell flowers or shepherd’s purse or bluets.

Sherardia is like bluets, only smaller and more purple-lavender and less blue.

I could be happy just lying around in them all day.

Ohmygoodness! Ohmygoodness! Look!!

WHITE Sherardia flowers!!! I didn’t know they came in white.

Veronica and bluets and sherardia and a lot of other things blooming now are so little that I can’t try them on. No floral millinery today!

The spring beauties would be more than big enough to wear as hats…

But there are only a few of them, so I will let them be and just enjoy their pink stripes.

What is this?

Oh, I see now! Not flowers, but moss with little spore capsules! Loki will be sorry not to have come. He likes to lie in moss as much as I like to lie in sherardia and bluets!

I miss Loki. Walks are always better with him. I know! I’ll take him a souvenir. There’s a very pretty leaf on the path here…

Ooops! Hee hee hee! It’s not a real leaf! It’s a fabric one off some fake houseplant. But it’s very colorful!

Red and green! My color and Loki’s! He’ll like it, and he’ll have a good laugh at how I thought it was real for a moment. But it’s awfully big. I’m not sure I can carry it all the way home. If I asked the human female nicely, do you think she would put it in her jacket pocket?

Isn’t spring wonderful?!

: )

The Tiny Treasures Are Up! (Nearly Wordless Wednesday)

A few days of warm sunshine have brought the spring wildflowers up for reals. Sigyn is beside herself with joy and has gone out to revel and frolic, suitably equipped.

>|: [ : )

What We Found In the Park, Part I: Posies

It’s that time of year again.  Time to go out and hunt for the human female’s favorite spring flower.  They should be up by now.

And here it is!  The second bluet of the season!


Oh, Sigyn and the human female found the first one, all right–and then a dog ran up from nowhere, flung itself down on the flower and rolled it into oblivion, knocking Sigyn over and startling the human female into some totally useless flailing and yelling.

Thankfully, everyone is fine and there are more bluets over here.


Sigyn, are you going to hug each one individually?


Perhaps not, but I think she is going to greet them one by one, including the tiny, tiny white ones.


Even two at a time, this could take a while…


to be continued…

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In Search of Posies, Part II: Sea of Bluets

I think we have found what the human female wanted to see most–a large patch of tiny little bluets.


They appear to come in a variety of sizes and colors, all of them “cute.” Sigyn is cooing at each and every one of them.  I will just sit here while she bounces from plant to plant, trying to choose a favorite.  She had the same difficulty last year.

(an eternity of squeaking later)  She’s leaning toward the minuscule white ones.


Sigyn, don’t you remember these?  Of course you do.  You never forget an old friend.  You’re just happy to make the re-aquaintance.

Oh, look–what’s that red over there?  Is that another type of flower?


Sadly, no, just some colorful geranium leaves. Still, Sigyn loves them.

Um, Sigyn, I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are fire ants down here in the grass. Let us get up from our loamy squattings and gain a loftier perspective on the flora.


This is just what I had in mind. This juniper offers a great view of the flowers scattered about.  Sniff, sniff!  It is also loaded with an aromatic resin which, I suspect, has wonderful combustible properties.  You keep an eye on the humans and the hyena, while I gather some of these fragrant bark shreds for, uh, potpourri.   Yes, that’s it.  Potpourri…

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