how to skin a mouse

A Most Unhappy Rodent

Someone brought the human male a computer mouse that isn’t working.  That can be anything from a dead battery to a wonky button to an unauthorized swim in a puddle of coffee.  I recognize this as some of my handiwork, though, so the tale is bound to be something more creative.  I’ve tampered with so many of them in the Department, though, set them up for imminent failure, that I don’t quite recall what the problem is going to be with this particular one.   Let’s have a look, shall we?

mangled mouse1

Hmm.  No obvious signs of coffee or jam, and the little scrolly-wheel thingy spins properly.

This stretch of cord looks all right.

mangled mouse2

Oh, yeah.

mangled mouse3

This was the one I set up for mouse-cord-meets-pull-out keyboard-tray…

Well done, me!

>|: [