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Help Wanted, Part I: The Advertisement

I have come to the conclusion that even all-powerful Norse Gods can use a little help from time to time. Sigyn is a great comfort to me, of course, but she is too sweet to involve in my bloodier designs, and she doesn’t lie well enough to be useful in campaigns of subterfuge and deception. (Truly, I wouldn’t change her if I could. She is the one unsullied bright point in my life.)

I have begun the process, therefore, of recruiting some dastardly and able associates. I’ve drafted a position announcement. Sigyn suggested a few changes, pointing out, correctly, that “henchmen” is a somewhat out-of-date designation. Here is the copy I will send to the internet, paper, and trade journals (Oh, yes. Villains have their very own magazines! Did you doubt it? We’re a very well-informed and organized bunch.)


What do you think?

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