i bet there are special spinach cleavers and arugula scissors too

A New and Unusual Marketing Experience, Part I: This Store’s… Unique

The humans are obsessed with food.  They like to think about food, talk about food, buy food, eat food.  They especially like to explore new markets.  Today we are poking about in one of the newer ones.  The human female says that their produce is usually quite good.

Sigyn is picking out a ripe melon.  Does the spot where the stem was yield to gentle pressure?  Does it smell properly melon-y?  Yes?  We have a winner!


The human female hates these things.  Better buy two.

Aside from produce, the store’s “specialty” is no-frills, deeply-discounted, house-brand items.

Like this bright blue, twelve-ounce, can of pork-based Nope.


Twelve ounces, and a serving is two ounces?  That means you’d need to find five other people brave enough to eat this stuff?  Not likely, friend, not likely. <shudder>

This is not the first time the humans have been here, and they have been working their way through the store’s proprietary brands of snack foods.  According to them, these cheese curls taste 100%, absolutely, unmistakably


unlike actual Cheetos.   Disappointed and not a little revolted, the human female took the rest of the bag she sampled to work and put it in the break room, where no one would touch them.

In addition to food and “food,” the store sells some household items.  I am intrigued by this collection of green knives.


They’re what?  Meant for lettuce?  Mortals have to have special knives just for salad greens?  Odin’s eyepatch, what a race of weaklings!

Uh, oh.  Sigyn is having container issues again.


Sigh.  She’s branching out from being trapped in glass vessels.  This opens up worlds of new opportunities for getting stuck.  Hang on, sweetie, Loki’s coming.

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