I don't like skateboards either

Tinkering for a good cause

The weather has sorted itself out a bit at the moment (we have had hot, cold, hot, cold, windy, hot, repeat…) and the human female isn’t doing anything interesting, so I am taking a walk outside. Look at this–the Powers That Be have installed some self-service maintenance stations for taking care of the myriad treacherous bicycles which infest the campus. I have been nearly flattened by them on numerous occasions. Obviously, I have some work to do!

Hmm. Wrench, screwdriver, and… maybe another screwdriver. Something preternaturally pointy, anyway. From this moment on each of these will be just a few millimeters off and won’t fit any make of bike.


Ditto these bits, whatever they are.


Now they’ll just be a collection of useless swings for people of my stature.

And finally…


…the air supply will now read 15 psi below actual tire pressure. Inner tubes make a most satisfying “boom!” when over-inflated.

All hail, Loki, making the campus safer for pedestrians!

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