I don't trust it

I Require Sustenance!

All of this museuming and fabric-fondling (not to mention Sigyn-rescuing) has given me an appetite.  I demand to be fed!

Well, that worked better than I hoped.  We are going out to dinner!  The human female’s sister insists that that was always the plan. Suuuure it was.

We are now seated in a place called Haji’s.  It is a smallish place, part store, part cafe. The menu seems to feature cuisine from some other part of the planet.


Falafil.  Shawerma.  Tabooooli.  I have no real idea what these are.  Some of the words are just fun to say.

Mmm.  It certainly smells good.  What do you think, Sigyn?  Chicken grilled on a skewer and some salady bits?


The human female’s mother has ordered a mixed plate of nibbly things–stuffed grape leaves, some of the falafil balls, some beige stuff, and some green stuff.


(poke, poke, poke)  I don’t trust it.

The food has all come with a shaker of spice to sprinkle over the top.


Sigyn dearly wants to climb inside to have a taste and no doubt need rescuing, but in this case, the screw top is a powerful barrier.  No rescuing needed!  We can enjoy our feast in peace.

>|: 9


Flowers, Fords, and Flights, Part III: The … Other Ford

Sorry about the interruption yesterday.  I just couldn’t let the fecklessness of the students pass by, and it made such a good wordless post.  We are actually still at the airfield.

Sigyn, do you hear that?  What is that dreadful racket?

Oh.  It is the long-awaited aircraft, FInally.


That?  That thing….flies?


The human male says it is a “Ford Tri-motor” and that it was made by the same people who made the old car.  It truly does not look as if it should be able to fly.

The people in the garish vests have positioned a crate-like object so that the crew may enter and exit.  Let us sit up here and stay out of their way.


Very well, they are finished.  Odin’s eyepatch!  Up close, it is even more of a wonder that this craft is air-worthy.  It is made of corrugated metal.  Like a tool shed with wings.


And they will let people ride in it?  And people will PAY them to do so?  Thank you, but no.  I don’t trust it.


I mean, the human male says that the whole reason it has three motors is so that it can keep flying should one or two of them FAIL.  And did you feel the way the wing wobbled as we climbed up?

Also note the cables running the length of the outside of the plane.  The controls inside actually yank on them to move the tail rudder and other aeronatical bits and pieces.  What if one of those cables should… I don’t know… Just happen to snap?


I must admit, however, that the engine has a strange, appealing symmetry.  It looks very powerful.

Also as if it might fall off.

Well, would you look at that!  It is older than the human female!  (I thought she predated powered flight.)


It is even older than the human female’s mother.  And it appears to have had some real adventures.

I have been in better movies, though.

Sigyn wants to peer inside.  I have no objection.


That is…narrow.  And low.  Watch your pretty head, my love!

The controls look simple enough.  (No more complex than a car, certainly!)


I bet I could fly this..


What do you think, Sigyn?


You work the pedals and I’ll steer!

>|: [

Bored, Part II: The Desk of Doom and Sparklies

Since I am still bored, Sigyn and I are still poking about (carefully!) on the human female’s desk.  There’s no telling what—or who—we’ll encounter.

Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  What is this creature?!  It’s all…spikey!  Be very careful, Sigyn!  It looks friendly, with that enormous grin and come-hug-me posture, but it has beady little eyes…  I don’t trust it.


Wait!  Um.. Sigyn?!  Ack.  Too late.  She is far too trusting and will hug anything.   If you so much as think of poking my sweetie, you bespined whatsis, I will blast you into next week.


Well, that turned out better than I thought it might.  Sigyn remains unperforated. Come, my love, let us leave your new “friend” and see what else is here.


Sigyn is delighted!  She loves tiny boxes.  I think the red one held labels for microscope slides.  The flowery one appears to have been folded out of paper.  Go ahead and open it, dearest.  I don’t think the human female will mind,  And if she does, tough luck.  If she’s not here to defend her clutter, she doesn’t deserve to have it.


Spangles!  The human female collects them when she finds them lying about.  This must be one of her stashes.  Looks like some stars and a couple of balloons.  You’ve hit the twinkly jackpot, my petal.

<Grrrr… Squeal!>

What on—?  BAD hyena!  NO BISCUIT!   No, Sigyn, don’t look!!!


Disaster on the desk.

>|: [

They’re Celebrating…Something, Part I: I Don’t Trust Any of This Stuff

The humans are celebrating…something.  They didn’t start out to do it.  No, they just decided that dragging Sigyn and me along and meeting up with the blue-haired goddaughter at one of the local grocery markets to pick out a variety of “fun things to eat” sounded like a good idea.   Then when they got there, they discovered that some of the local populace are celebrating the moon, because it’s August.  Or maybe October.  Except it isn’t.  It’s September.

I do not know what its going on. When I take over, I am going to straighten this whole calendar mess right the heck out.

This is a very… unusual store.  Even my Allspeak isn’t up to translating all the labels.  Why can’t everyone use runes like civilized peoples do?

Sigyn, there are some truly bizarre items on offer here.  Do you want to try the fish meat sausage with cheese?  

Me, neither.   I’m just ready to go home—and come back another day with a camera, because I KNOW no one will believe me about the fish meat sausages.


Safely home!  Let’s see what the humans did buy.  There is quite an assortment of packages.

Ah. Stuffed bao.  We have had these before and liked them!


They won’t be the same as ones brought out by a smiling waitress in a little steamer tray, but they will probably taste good.

The package says these are Lumpy…


Well, there are some crispy-looking little blisters on them as a result of delicious frying, but I wouldn’t call them lumpy.  Humans are weird.

Shoe-mai?  I hope they are not made of real shoes!

shumai bag

I’m  sensing a theme here.  These are all stuffed things.

potsticker bag

The humans are fetching down the bamboo steamer, oiling up a frying pan, and heating up the oven.  Twenty minutes or so from now, we should be feasting in style!

And look!  There will be more stuffed things for dessert!

mooncake bag

>|: [


Whirlwind Getaway, Day 1, Part One: Stocking Up

The humans are of the opinion that they have earned a vacation.  I could vigorously dispute that, but I’ve agreed to disagree.  Besides, if they go someplace, fun, Sigyn and I can tag along, and WE definitely deserve a vacation.

They were planning to leave today, but I tickled a server in the human male’s domain and he’s had to go up to campus on his day off, so we’ll be leaving late if we go at all.

(later)  Okay! We’re going! We’re not going to make it off the continent this year, or even out of state, but away from the house is away from the house.  Our destination is One of the Larger Cities to the North.

Ehehehehe.   The female is trying to get some work done on her laptop while the male drives.  She’s managing all right, except for the fact that I enspelled her power converter, and she’s going to find when they arrive at their destination and she tries to put it away that I have shrunk the socket on the converter so that her power cord cannot be removed…

And the discovery has been made!  This means that rather than heading for a museum or other fun attraction, the humans are now headed to the Purveyor of Tech Stuff to see if they can find a different, less carnivorous converter or, failing that, a new power cord.

Well, after discovering that the power cords and converters are on opposite sides of this store large enough to have its own zip code, they have ceased productive action and are more or less wandering and shaking their heads at how much tonnage this establishment offers that is in no way tech related.

Well, I suppose if having batteries makes it tech, this over-enthusiastic larva is techy as Hel.


Sigyn is making friends because that’s just who she is.

Um, I’m not sure, but I think this may be a hostage situation.


I always knew that Elmo character would just snap someday.  I’m sorry to be right, but I did try to warn people…

Purchases made, the humans have noticed that it is well past lunch time.  It is also approximately two thousand degrees today, so the idea of a large hot meal holds no appeal.  The female, while searching for dim sum (and failing), has identified a restaurant that will probably serve something light and cold.


If the restaurant has diacriticals in its name, that is usually a good sign of interesting fare.

Sigyn has never had a bubble tea.  If you would like to try one, dearest, you have but to choose the flavor.


This is just what the humans wanted.  Bits of grilled meat, rice noodles, and lettuce in some sort of transparent, slightly rubbery wrapper.  That does look good.


But why are they dipping it in caramel sauce?!  I don’t trust this at all.

I don’t trust this stuff even more:


Sigyn, I know red is your favorite, but where sauces are concerned, it is often a DANGER COLOR.

Your bubble tea is here.  Oh, you got the strawberry.  Good choice.  However, it does not appear to have bubbles or to contain any actual tea, so can we be sure this is an authentic interpretation of the dish?


And what are those black things in the bottom?!  Blueberries?!  Capers?!  Fenrir’s Fleacollar!  I don’t trust anything in this place!

Don’t get too close, Sigyn, until we figure out what they are…


>|: [

(to be continued)


The human female is out at the herbarium again, identifying plants.  Usually she is all alone out here, but it looks like someone has taken over the empty desk next to the human female’s.

I find this very surprising.  I can only assume that this means this person, whoever it is, has not met the human female, or else s/he would have requested a spot waaaaay on the other side of the facility–which, given that the herbarium is housed in a gigantic warehouse, would be a not inconsiderable distance.

Come, Sigyn, let us rifle this unattended desk for valuables   leave a charming welcome note for this new and unsuspecting coworker.

Fenrir’s fleacollar!  Sigyn, get back!  The unknown owner of this desk has left some sort of vicious guard beast to protect his/her belongings!


Sigyn wants to make friends, but I don’t trust this sucky-faced creature!  Back off, you neon-green cone-of-shame wearing varmint, or you will become acquainted with the pointy end of Gungnir…

>|: [

I Don’t See Mint *OR* A Spring, Part II: Some Viney Things, Some Goopy Things, and … Stuff

There aren’t just little sand-lovers here.  There are some good vines for climbing and swinging.

The Alabama supplejack (who names this stuff?!  Whoever it is has been imbibing/sniffing/snorting something!)  has smooth bark and pretty leaves.


It’s also called “rattan vine,” which is profoundly misleading, since it has absolutely nothing to do with splintery patio furniture.   The little green flowers on this vine aren’t very showy.

No, for showy, you need this one–coral honeysuckle:


Three guesses why Sigyn likes it so much.  We have met this plant before, when Sigyn proved conclusively that sometimes the red flowers are orange inside.  Today she seems content just to dangle.  I don’t blame her.  It is spring, after all.

Coral honeysuckle is native, well-behaved, and attractive to hummingbirds.  (Sigyn would like to pet a hummingbird.  I keep trying to tell her they’re vicious, stabby little beggars, but she doesn’t believe me.)

I, on the other hand, prefer the exotic Japanese honeysuckle.


It has weird one-sided flowers that open out of crooked buds.  It’s highly aggressive, choking out anything that crosses its path.  The human female is allergic to its nectar, and she once spent all night barfing after sampling just a few flowers’ worth.

I plan to plant a dozen or so in her backyard.

Sigyn, what have you got over there?

Idunn’s little green apples, what on earth are those?


Let’s see:  five sepals, five weird green petals, five purple

Five purple what?  And what is that tall bit in the center of each blossom?  And what’s with the goopy, milky sap?  Sigyn, I think you should get down from there–I’m not sure this one is actually from this planet.  There’s no telling where it’s been!

Or what who it might have for dinner.

Whew!  I’m sure this plant is much safer.  Sigyn, let the human female boost you up so that you can smell the flowers.  What’s that?  Sweet, but a little onion-y?  I wonder why?


Sigyn’s not really interested in digging one up to see if they really are onions.  She just likes the way they come in every shade from white to purple.

Ooo!  Be careful of this next one!  It has spiky, spiny foliage and the enormous flower head is crawling with bees!


Upon closer observation, however, I can see that those aren’t bees but big, bumbling beetles just gorging themselves on pollen!

Speaking of gorging, I do believe it is dinner time!  Let’s head for home and see what we can rustle up.  We can always come back another day.

>|: [