i spy with my little eye a pooh pez dispenser

Fun for Little Kids–and Big Ones, Part II: Second and Third Floors

The second floor of this Children’s Museum (which is looking more and more like just a big play place, as there aren’t really any exhibits) is as crazy as the first level, if marginally quieter.

There’s a big, two-sided port-hole like thing, full of all manner of odd bits and pieces.  It’s a sort of  I-Spy game, I guess.


I hope that corn is fake, or it’s gonna smelllllllll in there before too long!

There’s a room full of blankets and boxes and hangers, where a body can construct the quintessential blanket fort.


That one’s nicer than the human female’s first apartment.

There’s a sand table.


Sigyn, my love, this was perhaps the tiniest bit unwise.  You’re going to be finding sand in places where you don’t want sand for days.

There is also a set of intriguing clear and colorful plastic pieces that fit together by means of magnets.  Grandnephew number one is exceedingly diverted and is happily building structures for Sigyn and myself to enjoy.


Vroom!  This rocket is headed for space!


You’re right—the view is better from stage two.

Ehehehe!  Sigyn’s little box looks like a sauna!  Is it toasty in there, my love?


When I build my palace, I shall hire this lad to design part of it.


It will all be red and green, of course.

>|: [