if they're still here in May I will have them send her a Mother's Day card

They’re still heeeeeeere…


Memos have been flying thick and fast between the vendor and the accounting people, but my magic is stronger than email!

Although it appears that all five cases of apothecary bottles were indeed paid for, the human female has yet to receive the call tags that will allow her to ship the unwanted bottles back and receive a refund. They’ve been sent three times already! Ehehehehe!

I made the first batch disappear. The second batch I sent to Peru. The third batch I changed up a little bit and send to some random stranger, who will find that he is authorized to return an ugly tie to a Walmart in Peoria, Illinois.

The original order was placed on May 22, 2014.This has been going on long enough to grow a human! Though the human female is childless, she has now experienced the joys of parenthood. The order was conceived in faith and hope, carefully planned for, and eagerly awaited. She made preparations to welcome and house the bottles. When they finally arrived, they proved to be more than she expected, as well as more time-consuming and expensive. They take up a lot of room, occupy a good proportion of her time and energy, and are more than a little annoying. Still, they are cute and round, and someday they will be useful.

But not this day.

>|: [