if you weren’t hauling around so much lard…

Ummmm! Someone’s in Trooouuuuuble!

Yesterday, the human female came home to find an Ominous Note stuck to the front door.  The fine fellow from Usually Smashes Parcels Significantly had attempted to deliver a Registered Letter. 

Those things seldom mean anything good.

She fretted all last evening and all last night.  Obviously, she is in trouble, but how bad is it?  

The human male picked it up while he was running errands, and here it is.


Uh, oh.  It’s from the University.


Is she being served with a Cease and Desist order for her wardrobe choices and her bad jokes?

Has someone looked at her browser history?

Has someone discovered the scathing remarks I make on this blog–in an account I tied to her name?

Is she fired?



Back in March, the human female did something stupid at work and really pulled a ligament in her back.  She’s not been right since.  (Well, she’s never been quite right, but these days she stands up funny and makes faces if she has to heft more than twenty pounds.) She’s had medication and physical therapy and exercises and a whole string of visits to various doctors.  The University has picked up the tab for all of this, but it appears her days of coddling are over.  The doctors have decided that they’re done with her and she’s getting no disability rating.  No lollygagging on the state’s dime!

Hmmm.  I wonder… If I tell them that she often skips her exercises, will they make her pay back all the physiotherapy visits?  Let’s find out…

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