i’m thinking of bespelling the blue agar cubes so that they

The Other New, Fun Lab Equipment

The Zoology class has also outlined a new experiment.  I don’t quite understand it–something to do with surface area and cell size.  It involves cubes of bromothymol-blue agar, sculpting tools of various sorts, beakers of vinegar, and weighing apparatus.

Ah.  Weighing apparatus.  This is the choke point of the experiment.  The students, when faced with an old triple-beam balance, go all to delicate pieces.  Where is the digital read-out?!  How do we read it?  This is too sloooow!

The human female, wishing to reduce the “angst” from the exercise, ordered a whole flock of miniature digital scales for weighing those .

As you can see, the designation “miniature” was not applied in vain.  These things are tiny.


Still, they seem tough enough to measure my kingly mass!  Behold, my friends, 5.06 grams of pure majesty.

Sigyn, of course, is my butterfly, my fae, my will-o-the-wisp, my dandelion puff, my soap bubble.


Three point eight four.  Remember that figure, minions.  It is the Number of Perfection.

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