inexpensive corn-based snakck foods

Another Midgardian Holiday I Don’t Quite Get

I checked the calendar today, and it indicates that May 5th is some sort of Midgardian holiday.  It properly belongs to inhabitants of the realm to the south, but denizens of this country seem to have embraced it with great fervor.

Sigyn and I have encountered a colorful holiday display in the local market.


I confess I have no clear idea about what this holiday celebrates.  From what I’m standing on, I’m starting to think it has to do with individually wrapped slices of pasteurized process cheese food.

Looking around at the rest of the display, I surmise that this day has been set aside for the consumption of beer, avocados, and more beer.

And the beating with sticks of cardboard effigies stuffed with inexpensive corn-based snack foods.


And people say Asgardian customs are weird.

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