is it a rhino or a shy-no?

Zooward, Ho!, Part II: The Untamed African Savannah

Next on our peregrination amidst the beasts is the African Savannah exhibit.  Here is where we can observe Nature red in tooth and claw, the ancient struggle between predator and prey, where one’s next meal relies on speed, reflexes, and sheer good luck.  You’re fast or you’re lunch.  You’re wily or you’re toast.  You’re fearless or you’re—

Shy and unassuming and hoping all the zoo-goers will go away.


“If you please, Sir, Ma’am—I’d really not rather have my photo taken.”


Thank you.


Fenrir’s fleacollar!  I’d no idea that rhinoceri suffered from social anxiety.  But we shall respect its wishes and proceed.

Look, Sigyn!  There’s a giraffe!  Aren’t those your favorites? (Sigyn has some prior experience with critters of a camelopardous nature.)


This one is posing for a portrait.  Sigyn is too busy squeeing to remember that she has a camera.


Giraffe portraits secured, we have moved on to the lion habitat.  Sigyn, you must not be disappointed if you do not see any.  They are very good hiders, blending in perfectly with their surroundings.


Or perhaps not so much.   No, Sigyn, I do not think it will come for scritches.


But I could be wrong.


Sigyn, you didn’t use that herbal shampoo this morning, did you?  I think I saw catnip extract on the ingredient list…

>|: [