it might be a euonymus

A Guide to the Campus Flora, Part IV: The Human Female Reveals the Cosmic Vastness of Her Ignorance

We’re not yet done looking at flowers.  I think I hear a nap calling me, but Sigyn’s still having fun.




This next one’s not so good for swinging, but I suppose it is nice, if lavender is your “thing.”


Careful, dearest!  You almost walked right into a whole bouquet!

Now my sweetie is taking a little rest in this shrub.  What kind is it, Sigyn?


Ha!  We have stumped the human female!  She thought it might be a Viburnum, but it is not!  She is WRONG!!!  That doesn’t happen often when it’s plants.  But, Pffft!  Everyone knows Viburnum has opposite leaves.

You know, any day that sees the human female looking like an idiot is a good one in my book!

>|: ]