It's all over but the shouting

Time to Tally Up

The human female and her colleagues have given and graded the last practical exam and it is now time to enter all the grades carefully. Attention to detail is critical! The course grade books reside in a "secure" sector on the departmental server.

I have been double checking the human female’s efforts, just to make sure everything is accurate. I’ve had to fix quite a few things for her.


Tsk, tsk. Such math. Much fail. Wow.

I had to correct her roster, too.


She should be getting a nice brisk phone call from the Registrar right about…now.

>|: [

p.s.  Please pardon the poor quality of these images.  Not only is it hard to photograph computer screens, but the Physical Plant folks, in their infinite, money-saving wisdom, have hooked all the lights on the floor into motion sensors.  The human female is such a shiftless lump that her light fixtures think she's gone home and the room keeps going dark. (I might have helped the crew with her room a little.  Maybe.)