it’s really funny to watch her go up and down stairs

Sometimes the Emails Are Just TOO Appropriate

The human female is back in an air-cast boot.  It’s been fun to watch her turn red and squirm when people ask her what she has managed to do to herself this time.  It usually goes like this:

“Oh, my goodness!  How did you hurt yourself?!”




Yes, indeed, the human female is inept enough to give herself a soft-tissue injury just by existing.  The boot cast is clompy, ungainly, and a sweaty torture in the 90+° heat.  She’s getting around all right, but it’s slowing her down more than a bit.

Today I arranged for the following to be sent to her campus email.

slow moving vehicle

It will make more sense once she figures out I’ve pinned a bright orange triangle to her butt.

>|: [