kids be sure to have a grown up help you with the scissors and the foil box

A Mysterious, Mischievous Craft Project

Sigyn, do you want to help me make something? I’ve gathered up the supplies we’ll need. We’ll start with this scrap cardboard from the recycling bin.

Let me just sketch things out…

I know you want to help with this next part, but I’d hate for you to cut yourself on the scissors.

They’re the human female’s good sewing shears, so they’re awfully sharp.

Nearly there…

All right. This next bit is where I could really use your assistance. I have scored the cardboard, we just need to fold it up.

Yes, just like that!

Now the foil. Let me do this part–the cutter bar is wickedly sharp. (Ask the human female’s thumb.)

My love, this would work so much better if you didn’t stand on it.

There you go. I’ll just rip this off…

(fold fold fold wrap wrap wrap)


Utah, Romania, California, Netherlands, and now Texas.

Where should I put the next one?

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