Fetching the Family, Part III: A Very Dangerous Emporium (Human Female Edition)

We have moseyed (that’s the human female’s word, and it’s a stupid one) across the parking lot to a Purveyor of All Things Cute and Japanese.  Though the male intends to purchase some pen and pen-adjacent supplies, the Japanese apparently being very fond of stationery, I am willing to bet that it will be Sigyn and the human female who have to be removed from the premises via the application of dynamite.

I called it!  Sigyn has become enspelled three feet from the door, among a rack of pop-up greeting cards.


She has been reduced to saying only, “Kitty!”  That’s never a good sign.

The human female has persuaded her to move along to the printed tissue paper.


Botanical/ mycological.  Nice, I admit.

There are a lot of empty journals.  My beloved, true to form, has made a Sigynline (which is curlier than a beeline) straight to the one with both plants and cute animals.


Paper goods.  Lots and lots of paper goods. 


I recognize this beast!  My Sigyn met him one rainy day  and has not stopped talking about him since.


This fellow appears on every sort of merchandise imaginable.


Um…aren’t they waving those mushrooms that cause hallucinations?  That would explain a lot.

I can’t imagine needing 175 sticky flags for anything,


but they are sort of cute.  Sigyn says, “Kitty!”

I wonder if there’s anything here I’d like.  I don’t see—



Paint!  Paint is good, and this set has a lot of greens.  You can never have too many greens.

There is a sizable book section in the center of the store.  Most of them are in Japanese, but there are quite a few in English.  The majority look to be aimed at lovers of anime or paranormal romance, but this one…!

This one has an intriguing title.


We could no doubt wander here for hours, and no doubt we’ll be back in the future, but the illustration of that speeding fellow is a reminder that if we don’t make haste, we will be too late to meet the human female’s family at the airport.


>|: [


The Human Female is a Big, Fat Hypocrite

The human female is *such* a hypocrite.  She professes to love cats of all sorts.  She makes a huge fuss over the feral cats at her workplace, even going so far as to pat the seat next to her when she gets into the car, asking one or another of them if it doesn’t want to come home and live with us.

Well, the other night, when she was leaving home to go do boring things with dead plants, she heard the flp-p-p-p-p- noise that means her little blue car has sucked an oak leaf into the air system and needs a bit of a clean out.  (No surprise–she parks under an oak tree and the vehicle accumulates a lot of leaves, acorns, and catkins.)  So she shut off the engine, popped the hood latch, and got out to do some excavating.

That is when she found the lovely stripey-tailed surprise kitty I brought her, sitting on her engine under the hood.   She must have spooked it, though, because it jumped down and hid between the sunflower and the elm seedlings.


She was so mean!  It was lonely and hungry and scared, and she didn’t offer to cuddle it or feed it or anything.  It just wanted to be friends.  It even left her a present!



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