larval stage of pie

I Think I’d Rather Stay Home

There is candy in the kitchen and large, violently orange pepo on the table, so I guess it can only mean one thing.

2017 pumpkin

The spooky season is upon us once more.

Sigyn and I usually have a lot of fun picking out or making Halloween costumes.  One year she was a ghost and I was the Headless Horseman.  The year after that, we dressed up like bugs and Fisi ate half the candy.  Last year she was the huntress Diana and I was (and it sticks in my throat to say this)…Captain America.

This year, Sigyn has it in her pretty little head that we need to be characters from some new movie.  Ninjajuice  Ninhydrin –no, wait, that’s a chemical.  What was it again, dearest?

Oh, Ninjago.  Yay.

Sigyn makes a very fetching Nya.


No, Sigyn, I will not come out.


No, I look ridiculous.  Look, I haven’t seen the movie, so I know nothing about this Zane character or…


…why he has such dorky hair.

Look, my love—I’m having one of my characteristic happy, brilliant ideas:  You wear the wig and go from house to house extorting confectionery, and I’ll stay home and make terrible faces at the sproutlings that come to the door. *

>|: [

* Actually, the hard job here at the house will not be passing out the candy, it will be trying to keep the Terror Twins from running out the door. **

**Although I suspect letting the naughtier of the two felines slip away into the night might be part of the human female’s plan from the outset.  ***

***Or maybe it’ll be, “You get a Starburst and you get a Starburst and you get a Starburst and you get a cat.  No, stop arguing.  You get a cat.”

A May Walk, Part II: Blossoms and Berries

We are ambling today toward the pond a few streets over.  There are a lot of things blooming, so our progress, if you can call it that, is very, very s  l  o  w.  Sigyn usually likes to leave the flowers where they are, but today there are so many “cute” ones that she can’t help herself and is gathering a bouquet.


Sigyn, I think it might be bigger than you are.


Definitely bigger than you are.  Do you need some help carrying it?  Or shall I magic it back home and into a vase for you?  Done!  Let’s see what else there is.


The farkleberry is LATE in flowering this year.  This should be an April thing.  Rats!  This means the farkleberries will be late, too.

The dewberries are a bit late as well.  No, Sigyn!  Don’t go crawling and picking the red ones to eat!


Norns’ nighties!  I have to tell her every year.  It’s the BLACK ones you want!  BLACK is ripe!


There you go.


Six or seven good ones and we can make a pie as big as you!

>|: [