Company’s coming!

The humans are expecting the female’s mother for a visit. They are engaged in a massive house-cleaning so that she won’t know what slovens they are.

Time for a big washload. I have helpfully filled the drum with sheets, towels, and an assortment of whites, jeans, sweaters, and some delicate lingerie.

Uh, oh! The machine is flashing an error message!


Consulting the manual reveals that “UE” stands for UnEven and indicates a load that is too lopsided to spin. It will sit like this for hours until someone notices. Yes! I have managed to throw off the whole housecleaning schedule!

(If anyone dares to put the words “Loki” and “unbalanced” in the same sentence, I will smite them into next week.)

>|: [

One size does NOT fit all

The Residence Hall Association on campus was giving out free T-shirts today. Never one to pass up free goods (which can, after all, be bartered away if I do not care for them), I asked them if they had one in Norse God size.

This is what they gave me. It is a size S, the S standing, apparently, for “swallow.”


Oh, well. Blue is not my color anyway. But hmmm…. I do believe this is the sort of shade that runs most abominably in the wash… Time to run a white load!

>|: [