Lego Sigyn

In search of goodies, Part VIII: What finally followed us home. (Sigyn speaks)

We did not buy the sticky caramel or the cookie butter at Merchant Joseph’s. We did not purchase baking spices or any of Loki’s oddly-colored vegetables. I was forbidden to bring the lobster home.

But the human female and I did get ourselves a little treat and now we are about to enjoy it.


Look at that! Warmed up and sitting in a puddle of its own sweet, treacly goo.


Grab a spoon, Loki! We’ll share!

: )

Scat! (Sigyn Speaks, but best send the kiddies out of the room)

Hey, you! Skanky ho-cat. Yeah, you. Don’t you be lookin’ at my man. I saw you and where your eyes were goin.’ That fine ass is mine.


Listen up good, Y’all cut that shit out and keep your damn claws off my Loki. You’d best be movin’ on or I might have to cut a bitch.

Hahahahahaha! Just kidding!


This my good friend Muffy from book club. April Fool!

: )