let's climb in refuse the shipment and mail ourselves back to wherever this came from

Oooo! What did we get?

The human female came home yesterday to find one of those annoying “we-tried-to-deliver-a-package-but-you-weren’t-home-so-now-you-have-to-take-off-work-to-come-down-and-get-it” notes stuck to the door. But packages are always fun.


A trip to the post office provides various opportunities for entertainment. Sigyn likes to check her weight on the scale.


I think you’re perfect sweetie, but if you really want to know, I’ll punch the buttons for you. Hold on a minute. Okay, now it’s working.


Very petite and trim! That would make air travel for you very, very inexpensive. I’m serious! I’m not sure the humans are going to get a vacation in this year, but maybe we could mail ourselves to someplace fun…


Ah. It’s our turn at the window now. Sigyn thinks the loaner pen is nifty.


Wow! Look at the package! It is from a foreign country and is covered with interesting stamps, including one with flowers.


The customs label says, “Book.” Hurry, mortal! Aren’t you curious? Open it!

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