local tapwater–bleargh!

It’s a Riddle for the Ages

The human male loves his fizzy water. He has cases and cases in the garage, all stacked up in a pile I like to call Mount Fizzmore. It’s a healthier alternative to soda, and since some of it comes laden with caffeine, it assures a modicum of normal functionality. Also, it tastes a Hel of a lot better than the local tap water, which has nothing at all to recommend it, other than being so naturally soft that a molecule of soap makes enough suds to wash a rhino.

Some of his preferred flavors are readily available. Others I have cursed so that they can no longer be had for love nor money. (Apple Bubly, anyone?) Still others are only occasionally findable. The blood orange flavor is one such.

Here’s one of the last cans he has.

Shake, shake shake.

It feels a little light. Actually, it feels a LOT light. I don’t think it’s full.

Great Frigga’s Hairpins! No wonder! It’s leaking!

It’s making a blood orange puddle on the counter!

I wonder how that happened?

>|: [