loki does not “do” girly soap

Wait–*More* Birthday Stuff?

I can’t believe it–another package has arrived for the human female, and I think it’s belated birthday goodies.  It’s a biggish box, so there could be anything in here!

Well, huh.  It’s a fabric bag with two cards, some medium boxes, a little box, and a tiny bag inside.  Odin’s eypatch!  Look, Sigyn!  One of the cards is addressed to me!


Um, can you read it?


As near as I can make out, it says, “Dear Mr. Loki,”  Well, that should be God Loki, or Supreme Ruler Loki, but all right.  “Congratulations!!  You have been chosen Best Blogger by the BBB.  No, not the Better Business Bureau, but the Best BBB, the Best Bloggers Bureau. Please enjoy the enclosed trophy (!) that proves you are the best blogger.  Please accept our congratulatory gifts of…”

Does that next bit say, “swan boat“?!    That makes no sense.  I’ll keep going.  Um…, “vile and re in frit lukht.”  Well, that makes even LESS sense.  I think the last part says, “Keep up the  great best ranch.  Best, BBB.”

This is confusing AND exciting!  Which of these packages has my trophy?  Maybe it’s this fancy one!



This does not look like a trophy.



Not amused.

What’s in the next box? (rustle, rustle, rustle)


Well, I’ll be…  It is indeed… a swan boat ride.  I thought I’d read that wrong!  Sigyn is delighted.  We shall have to find some water and see how float-worthy it is.  Now what’s in the little  sparkly bag?


A picnic basket!  Complete with a soda, fruit, and a nice bottle of Shiraz.  Between this and the boat, we have the makings of a very fine outing.

BUT WHERE IS MY TROPHY?  Maybe in this smaller box?  Yes, I do believe…

Here it is!  It is a nice big one!


Perhaps a bit too big.


Sigyn, I love you with all of my heart, but this trophy is mine.

>|: [