Loki needs rescuing

I Should Have Eggspected This…

Great Frigga’s Hairpins!  We arrived home after our adventures to find the humans up to their beady eyeballs in preparations for their annual Eater Bunny festivities.

Sigyn and I have been involved with these before.  Do you remember, my love, the year we made all the colorful eggs?   It looks as if the human female is going to decorate some more this year.


Hey!  do not dye this green egg.  It is perfect already!

Well, isn’t this clever?  Instead of pots of messy dye, she has obtained small, plastic “sleeves” which may be placed around the eggs.  A judicious application of heat, either hot water or hot air, shrinks the sleeves around the eggs in the blink of an eye.  No muss, no fuss!


The human female has a superabundance of hot air, so I believe we have all the necessities to begin.


Sigyn has, after casting her eye on the green one that I want, chosen the floral band for her egg.


Whooosh!   Rrrrr!  Well done!


Now it is my turn!  Sigyn’s was the teensiest smidge askew.  Mine will be perfect.


It is just possible that this is more difficult than it looks.


Don’t just stand there, dearest.  Go get the scissors!

I suppose I really shouldn’t have expected anything different when the Eater Bunny festival falls on April Fool’s Day.

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A November Walk, Part II: When Walkies Turn Dangerous

We have to be careful on today’s walk.  There has been a lot of rain recently, and the local pond has responded in the usual fashion, creeping out of its banks and drooling over the sidewalk.


There is quite a little current as it flows over the curb into the storm drain.


It looks pretty deep up there, Sigyn.  I would take off my cloak and lay it down for you to walk upon, in the approved manner of chivalrous heroes in any age, but Pfft!  Magic is easier!  There, safely on the other side!

What is that sandy mound up ahead?  Curious:  these insects seem to be in the process of constructing a dwelling of some sort.


(poke, poke, poke)

I suspect I have made a tactical error.


Run, Sigyn, save yourself!  I shall smite this mound into oblivion and I don’t want you in the blast zone…

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