Loki no

And While I Am Down Here…

While I am down here in Room 303, showing you where I hid the human female’s ID card, I thought I’d do a little more mischief.

Room 303 is where most of the lab dishes get washed.  Test tubes, beakers, graduated cylinders–you name it, if it’s dirty, it comes here.

These tubs are full of spirometer parts.  Since people have breathed through them, they have to be soaked and disinfected to make sure no pestilence is spread.

gonna spit in the tub

In theory, this results in a sanitary experience for the next group of cardiopulmonary lab experimenters.

In practice, I always make it a point to spit in the spirometer-part-soaking-tubs, as part of my ongoing research into the effects of Jotun saliva on the cardiopulmonary health of university undergraduates.

I have reams of data to date.  Can publication be far behind?

>|: [

I Had A Visit From My Brother, And It Sucked

I have asked Thor to meet me here today in one of the human female’s prep rooms.  I told him I have something fun to show him.

Here he is now.


“Hail, brother!  It is too long since last we met.  It does my heart full well that you ask for my company!  You are looking well!”

“Uh, yeah.  You too.  Come look at this instrument the humans borrowed.  It has dials and pipes and a fan and all sorts of other bits.”


“Verily, that is a stupendous machine!  My Lady Jane has many devices, but not one of this ilk.  How is it called, and what it its purpose?”

“It’s a vacuum pump.  They are using it to vacuum-filter a large volume of reagent.”

“That is most marvelous.  How does it operate?”

“I’ll show you.  This is where the receiving flask is hooked up.  See?”



“No, look more closely.”

“Aye, Brother.”



“See, Thor?  Just like that.”

>|: [

An Unexpected Tantrum

“Hello, dearest!  Did you have a good time in the flowers?  Oh, that looks good–did you decide to do baking rather than botanizing?”


“No.  It’s the funniest thing.  I was sitting in a lily, just enjoying the sunshine, when Steve came by.  He’d been baking and thought I might like one of his mother’s apple cakes.”

Steve made this?!  And brought it to you?  Sigyn, I don’t like him bringing you things.”


“Oh, it was extra and he was just being friendly–”


Too friendly!  That star-spangled lunk needs to keep his eyes and his apple cake and his ‘Aw, shucks, ma’am’ act to himself.  I think it’s time he and Gungnir and I had a little chat.”

“Loki, wait!”

Oh.  I… I don’t know how to deal with door slamming.  I don’t think he’s mad at me.  At least, I hope he’s not mad at me…  Is it horrible of me if I hope he doesn’t find Steve until he’s had a chance to cool off?  *sigh*  I think I need to go talk to the human female and see if she knows how to deal with ruffled peacock feathers.  I can clean this up later.



: (



Helping With the Houseplants (Sigyn Speaks)

Hi! It’s me, Sigyn. Since it is so rainy today, I am helping with some indoor botany. There are some very nice African violets here in the house. I like to pet the furry leaves


I am picking off the spent, faded blooms to keep the plants looking beautiful. These are destined for the compost heap.

Loki is helping t— Loki, NO!


: O