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Loki Helps Around the House, Part IV: Dusting


I think I hate dusting most of all the chores I have undertaken so far.  Knowing that what I’m shooing and wiping is really just a microscopic mix of Midgardian epidermis and dust mite bits makes me want to lose my lunch.

What’s worse is that the human female is making me dust all the places she can’t reach (which are legion), starting with the chandelier in the dining chamber.


This is disgusting!  Just look at the cobwebs! Are they perhaps ranching spiders up here?!


Bleargh.  Sticky spider-dust is the worst.  While I’m up here, I think I will loosen half the bulbs and tickle the others so that one blows out each of the next three times the lamp is lit.

Achoo!  Dusting woodwork is a little more satisfying because you can see where you’ve been.


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