A Strange and Wondrous Beastie, Part III: Doesn’t Anyone Have Anything Else to Do Today???

Captain Toothpaste Ad has wangled his way aboard my fine Tettigoniidous steed.  How to kill all the romance of an outing in one fell swoop.

Yelp?  You too?  Sigyn, did you send out engraved invitations or something?!


म तपाईंको शानदार काठको क्रिकेटमा सवारी गर्न चाहन्छु? के तपाई मलाई यो गर्न दिनुहुनेछ?

Sigh.  Go ahead.  It appears that I’ve chartered the hexapod equivalent of a party bus.

Oh, and now the Kitty Committee wants in on the action.


Just so you know, Blackie, I didn’t invite you.  Muffy is Sigyn’s friend and you’re just a regrettable plus-one.  Fisi, you can bite him, too, if you feel like it.


Cat, are you coming or going?  And Stark, if you so much as bat an eyelash at my sweetie we are going to have a rousing game of kick-the-man-in-a-can.

“Komm her, Remus.  Join me upon this so magnificent inzect.”


“Hold tight mein Freund, und keep an eye on zat…thing on ze ovipositor…”


Sleipnir’s fetlocks!  Didn’t anyone stay home today?!


Oh, great.  Now the cry-baby clown wants in on the action.


Benno, you are scared of, among many other things (including dandelions and air molecules), both bugs AND heights.  Do you really think climbing up for a ride is a good idea?

>|: [


A Strange and Wondrous Beastie, Part II: Don’t You Have Someplace Else to Be?

Sigyn and I are enjoying our ride on the massive katydid.  Or is it a cricket?  I really never learned much entomology.  In my book, it’s either a bee, a butterfly, or something that probably needs squashing.  Still, the view from up here is pretty nice.

Oh, this is just great.   It’s perfect Steve on his perfect bike.  What do you want, Captain Spanglypants?


“Hello, there!  Permission to come aboard?”


If I said no, would you go away?

Sigh.  Sigyn has already given him the go-ahead.  Fine.  Ride my cricket.  But, Fisi, if he starts getting friendly with my beloved, you have my permission to bite him on his spandex-covered butt.

>|: [