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Stop Whining, You Can Make More

The human female is *most* annoyed with me about the whole violet business. I keep trying to tell her there’s no point in whining about it now–the big violet can always grow new flowers, she can clean up the kitty puke, and the miniature violet can be replaced. They DO sell the silly things, you know.

Besides, she knows how to make plants from plants. Very adept at propagation, that woman. Sometimes she just puts cuttings in water, like with this Streptowhatsis.


See? Roots! These are ready for planting.


For the violets, she usually uses this powder.


I will admit, it’s amazing stuff. Pluck a leaf, dip it in, poke it in some moist dirt, make a miniature greenhouse with a baggie and a rubber band, and about six weeks later you have a new baby violet. She’s a compulsive propagator, and the windowsills in this place are filling up.

I wonder if it works on other things?



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