A Dash to the Outcrop, Part I: Old Friends (Sigyn speaks)

The humans are on their way to the Big City to the South.  Fortunately, the outcrop that the human female and I love so much is on the way, more or less.  We are making a quick stop to see the effects of last year’s controlled burn.

The last time we saw this place, it was on fire.


It looks very good!  There is a lot of new vegetation coming up, including this ground plum (which the human female says is not a plum at all.  Common names will get you into trouble every time.)  It is a true prairie plant, and the fact that it’s here and happy is a good sign.  She says she only sees it in good years.  It will make a big, round legume fruit.


The bluebonnets are back!   This is a different kind than the sort on the roadsides.  This one likes sand rather than clay.


The big yellow flowers and round fruit in this photo belong to bladderpod. The trifoliolate leaves belong to bur clover.


Some botanists say that the bladderpod should be Physaria rather than Lesquerella.  “Lesquerella” is more fun to say!

Loki likes the spiderwort.  Usually, they are blue, but the ones here are more purple.


Wild onions!  They are everywhere!  And do you see the little green bug?


Really, it is hard to walk without stepping on something in flower.  It is a very good year!

: )

Signs of Spring

This part of Midgard makes no sense.  Here it is, the beginning of Febrrruary, and the denizens of other parts of the globe are shoveling snow and wearing electric socks, but we have been gifted with balmy breezes, scintillating sunlight, and peeping posies.

This can only mean one thing–walkies!  We can actually start right at home.


The Narsisters don’t seem to know that technically, it is still winter.

Lovely things dangle from the Snowdrop stems.



By the Norns’ nighties!  We have been out here for what seems like forever, but we have only made it about half a block, just as far as the park at the end of street.  (Nothing moves more slowly than the human female with Sigyn in tow when Plants are Blooming.

Things are looking very green!  Sigyn just can’t help herself–she has to stop, flop, and roll among the Brrr-clover and the… whatever those little purple things are.


I know I should remember all the names from last year, but honestly, all that botanese the human female spouts just goes in one ear and out the other.

But, yes indeed, nature is looking very lush!

This means, of course, that I’ve ordered up an ice storm for next week…

>|: [