みんなでランチをしましょう, Part II: Amusements

There is more to do in this restaurant than slurp noodles, watch plates of raw fish go by, try to keep Sigyn off the sushi-go-round, and hope the human female obliges me by eating salmon and breaking out into something that makes her look like an itchy red lizard.

We have entertainment!

There is a slot in the wall near every table.  As one finishes a small plate of tasty osteichthyes and rice, one pushes the tiny tableware down the slot.  The computer above the table registers each deposition and shows a little animated story.  The more plates one deposits, the more one “helps” the anime character in his quest.

I admit that anime is largely lost on me–the characters all seem so stiff and toy-like, and their expressions scarcely change from scene to scene–but I am curious as to how the story will end.  The friend-of-a-friend says that if we poke enough plates down the slot, we will miraculously be gifted a gotcha ball with a tiny prize inside.

I do not care for trinkets, but I know Sigyn would adore to receive this gotcha ball.  Eat, mortals, eat!  You must consume as much raw fish as possible so that my sweetie can get a treat!

It appears to be working–the screen says a ball is coming our way.  We just need to feed the table a few more dishes.  Yes!  No, not quite yet…  Yes!  Fifteen tiny plates appears to be the gotcha threshold!

Sigyn loves the prize with all her heart and she hasn’t even opened it yet.

japanese restaurant6

Toss it down, love, and let us see what we’ve won.

japanese restaurant7

What…?  Oh, I see.  It is a minuscule pad of sticky notes bearing a badly-drawn unicorn.  I think is ridiculous, but all the females in our dining party making that “squee” noise that makes them sound like infant pigs and which hurts my sensitive ears.

Is that it?  That is all?  I suppose to obtain another prize we would have to redouble our gustatory efforts, and I, for one, am simply too full to attempt that.  No, not even for one of the miniature egg tartlets.

Sigyn, not one to waste an opportunity for fun, has suggested a game of hide-and-seek.  I shall volunteer to be the first seeker, as something makes me suspect that she already has a hiding place in mind.

japanese restaurant8

GREAT FRIGGA’S CORSET!!!  While my eyes were closed and averted, Sigyn jumped on the conveyor belt and rode it!  Ooooh!  Sometimes I just want to….!  Arrrgh!!!   My love, what would have become of you if one of the friends had not snatched you as you were preparing to depart our portion of the restaurant?!  Did you even think?!  I mean, we are in a place where people are conditioned to seize things that show up at their tables, especially if these things are small, cute, and/or tasty!  I might have lost you forever!

New Rule:  My beloved is not allowed within ten feet of anything that even remotely resembles a raw-fish conveyance.

No exceptions!

>|: [