more tiny angst

What’s This? (Sigyn Speaks)

Where has Loki gone?  Sigh. I honestly don’t know if I want to find him or not.  Every time we try to talk lately, it ends in sniffles on my part and shoutiness on his.

Well, I guess he was here at some point.


What a mess!  What’s he been up to?


Huh.  Looks like he was writing me a note.


Well, I like that!  He couldn’t even be bothered to spell my name correctly!  And is he sorry or not?


Hee hee hee.  Oh, Loki, what were you planning to rhyme with “purple“?


Bet?  What bet? Steve is betting on something?


Is THAT it?  That’s what’s been bothering Loki?  He thinks I like Steve better than him? Silly Loki!  As if I could be swayed by a big smile and some cake.  After all we have been through together, does he still not get that I like my men like I like my chocolate?  Dark, smooth, bitter, and just a little sweet does it for me every time!

Where is my frowny Frost Giant?  I think someone needs a hug!

: )