muffy runs a combination dojo and cupcakery

What They’ve All Been Up To, Part III: Of Suspicion, True Love, and Mortal Terror

Since we last saw her, Muffy has been spying on her beau, the Black Panther.

Apparently he’s been seen in the company of a certain lady Owl.

Muffy believes the two have been canoodling. (Her word, not mine!) She is quite irate, and only the fact that there has been no sighting of a pea-green boat or a Piggywig with a ring in the end of his nose has kept her from attacking her paramour and his feathered floozy on the spot. You may recall that Muffy runs The Sugar Dojo, a combination bakery and martial arts studio. If she wants to, she could probably give the King of Wakanda a run for his money…

“Muffy, my jewel, is is not what you believe!”

“Start explaining, Your Hairballness, and it had better be good!”

“You see, my love, Ms. Hedwig, here, is a dance instructor. I have been taking lessons so that I might not be an embarrassment to you when I take you out dancing on your birthday.”

“One, two, three. One, two, three. You see? Oh, Muffy, my love for you is stronger than vibranium.”

“I’m so sorry I jumped to conclusions. You’re off the hook… For now.”

Wow. Harsh.

Hmm. I wonder what Benno, that lily-livered clown has been doing with himself. I heard a rumor he was also taking lessons, trying to up his juggling game.

Too bad the sloth-faced balls are so scary…

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Revenge of the Flora, Part 16

“Thanks for the “protection”, T’Challa, but I had it handled.  If you want to be with this kitty, you will have to remember that she has claws of her own.  No more treating me like a helpless kitten.  Understood?”


“Understood, my warrior princess.”

“Well, don’t forget.  Otherwise I might have to cut off your supply of the catnip cupcakes with the tuna buttercream.”

“A threat to make a man’s heart quail within him!  I shall obey, my sweet chef.”


Sigyn, it’s all over!  You’re safe now.”

“Oh, Loki, I was so scared, but I knew you and your friends would save us!”

“Let’s leave the clean-up to the spandex crew and go on home.”

“That sounds wonderful.”


“Unless you’re hungry, my love?  We could go out for an early dinner.”

“I’d like that.  Muffy and I never did have lunch.  We had cookies, but that seems like forever ago.”

“We’ll go wherever you like.  What are you in the mood for?”

Anything but the salad bar.”


(to be continued…)