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And What About the Cultivated Plants? (Sigyn Speaks)

I had such fun saying hello to all the bluets and such yesterday! And since it’s impossible to have too many flowers in one’s life, today I am going to pay a call to some of the cultivated plants in the neighborhood. A good many of them were hit very hard by the recent ice and snow : ( , but I bet something is blooming!

Look, Loki! Right in the front yard!

Daffodils! Don’t they look like ballerinas in pretty tutus?

Our friend Richard, who lives several blocks away, is also enjoying his spring-flowering bulbs.

Squeeee! They are exactly my favorite colors! And look how big they are next to me!

Oh! I need to run back to the house! There’s one more thing I want to check on!

It did! It did! It did come back!

All the leaves there were died in the ice storm and I thought it was all dead, but look! The one surviving hollyhock has put up two new leaves! It’s biennial, so maybe it will flower this year! I wonder what color it will be!

Is there anything as exciting as spring? I don’t think so!

: )

Flowers From My Sweetie (Sigyn Speaks)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I surprised Loki with heart-shaped pancakes and a new tin of horn polish.  And he gave me flowers!

And not some easy-to-come-by bouquet that will just die in two days, either!  No, he took time out of his busy mischief schedule to go for a walk on campus with me, so I could enjoy all the living flowers!

The bed by the Rudder Tower is just filled with lovely, fragrant jonquils (or are they paperwhites?  I can never remember…)


Perfect for dangling!

There were big planters full of pansies by the student center.


I just love their little faces!  Loki is so sweet to wait while I greet each smiling blossom!

Then there were sweet williams and marigolds in with the boxwood in front of the Military Science building!


Two more bright, fragrant flowers!  Best Valentine’s Day EVER!

‘Scuse me while I go smooch Mister Frowny.

: )