neener neener neener human female can’t eat caaaake

A Most Superior Market, Part II: Random Comestibles

Apparently we are not done shopping.  There is still the bakery to explore.  I am enjoying this greatly because the human female gave up sweets for Lent again, and she is making little moany noises at the almond croissants and tres leches cakes that she can’t have.  Hey, stupid, it was your idea to come in here.

I am intrigued by these triquetrous little treats whose name sounds like a cross between a sneeze and a throat clearing…

central market 8

Onward to the dairy section!  Sigyn is excited thinking that this brand of yogurt is especially for her

central market 6

No sweetie, I’m sorry.  I can see how you might think so, but read the label a bit more carefully.  We can buy you some, though, if you like!

central market 7

And this one?  No.  Sorry again.  It’s not really made from wallaby milk.  Yes, I’m sure.   I agree!  They shouldn’t put it on the label if it isn’t true.

Meanwhile, pardon the bad photo, but I’m planning to stealthily sneak these into the human female’s cart…

central market 5

Now that’s a penitential snack!

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