no sneezable cows

A Bucolic Idyll, Part V: In Which Things Go Bump and We Have Unexpected Meetings

The riding did not go well.  Benno kept falling off, Muffy’s horse couldn’t be budged from grazing, and Arnold developed a spectacular allergy to bovine dander.  Therefore, we have opted to tour the farm on a hayride, sans cows.  Rocket has the tractor running, so everyone load up!


No, Fisi! Bad hyena!  Stop biting the tires!


Drive, Rocket!  Drive!


Ugh. I am dusty and sore from bouncing around in the back of a hard and overcrowded cart.  Note to self:  hayrides are only romantic if there is a minimal number of occupants and a great deal more hay for padding.  Thank goodness we are nearly back at the farmhouse!  Sigyn, I don’t know about you, but I could do with a shower and some lunch.

By the Norns!  I believe we have unexpected company!


“Thor!  Man of Iron–what are you doing here?”


“Brother!  Is it not fortuitous?  Sigyn’s friend’s acquaintance’s cousin’s brother’s sister-in-law’s uncle is none other than Clint Barton, who has mysteriously acquired this farm!  He bade us visit whenever we like.”


“Yeah, Reindeer Games.  Pull up a chair or a hay bale or something, pop open a beer, and chill out. Totoro, move your scruffy butt so Sigyn can come and sit by me.”

Sigh.  Sigyn, you and I are going to have a long talk about full disclosure when we get home…

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