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Little Mischiefs, Part IV: Online Obfuscation

The human female is nearly as finicky about her writing utensils as the human male.  While she does enjoy a good fountain pen, for every day use there’s a particular brand of needle-tipped gel pen she strongly prefers.

A year ago, she didn’t know a thing about them.  Then someone left a rainbow-colored set behind in one of the labs and they ended up in the lost and found.  When no one claimed them, the human female pounced.

I will admit, they are very fine pens–in all sense of the word. They write a very fine line, they glide like greased weasels on wet ice, and they don’t smear.  (When you do as much head-desk napping and drooling as the human female, this is important.)

She has now completely used up a few of the pens and is searching for more.  Most of the local stores don’t carry them, so she is looking online.



Found some!

She’s quite excited to see that they come with a warranty!

pens with printer cartridges info

Wait, what?

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