Not my brother

Fun and Games with Fun and Games

Thor, my oafish brother, may command lightning and all that, but I myself am no slouch when it comes to electricityEspecially when it involves getting the human female’s electronic gizmos  to disgrace themselves without warning when the chips are down.

Tonight, the humans are playing games with some of their friends from various Big Cities to the north and south. They’ve found a website that lets one of the group who has bought a copy of one of their game bundles log in, choose a game, and then send a code to everyone else so that they can go to the website and join the same game.

It’s a neat concept.  With the whole group in on a video meeting as well, it is much like a party.  A weird camera-angle, lounge-in-your pajamas, eat-snacks, drink-wine, and contend-with-random-appearances-by-small-semi-naked-people sort of party.

It worked perfectly last week.  I even sat in on a round.  The object of that particular game was making snarky comments for other people to upvote, and I was the very clear winner.  No one outsnarks me. 

That was last week.  Tonight, just to thwart the human female and render her even more socially inept when it comes to gaming, I have had a word with her tablet.


Ehehehehe!  That is a whole lot of diddly-squat!  Obviously, it does not like you.

Maybe you need to update your browser.


Maybe you need to remember your password.

Oh, you typed it in exactly as you wrote it down, ages ago?

Maybe you need to update your operating system.  But right in the middle of a party is not exactly when the human male feels like doing tech support.

Guess you get to sit and watch.

I suppose you can sit in the corner and play solitaire on your phone.


disabled phone

Ehehehe!   Until recently, the human female had a repeated number in the code that unlocks her phone.  I made it so that unless she hit those two sixes at precisely the right interval it would take only one of them, and then when she hit it again, it would act as if she waited too long and error out.  And, of course, I had saw to it that the open-with-a-thumbprint quit working about two days after she set that up, so that wasn’t an option either.

The other day she finally decided she’d had enough and changed her PIN.  About half the time, she forgets and tries the old one, so she’s really no better off.  She also reprogrammed her thumbprint-ID.  There’s no denying that’s convenient.  It’s amazing how sensitive that little app is!

So sensitive, in fact, that it can read a partial print when she picks up her phone just so and decide that she’s an impostor trying to gain access.  And what does it do to impostors?  It locks them out!

Tsk, tsk.  I think there’s a deck of cards in the end table…

>|: [



A Visit From My “Brother,” Part II: Careless!

Great Fenrir’s Fleacollar! Thor stayed forever–two pots of tea and an entire box of shortbread–before I was finally able to manhandle him out the door. In his gluttonous postprandial, hyena-scratching haze of contentment, he left a little something behind.




I can’t lift the thing because I’m “not worthy” (whatever THAT means), so it’s really no bloody use to me, but I’ll be hanged if I’ll miss this opportunity to discommode the blond oaf. If nothing else, I can certainly cast an illusion around it so that the dolt can’t find it.

The note’s a work in progress. What should I ask for in exchange for telling him where it is? Money? No, too mundane. For him to dress up as, say, a Princess and sing “I Feel Pretty” at noon in the plaza in front of the Academic Building? Hmmm. Yes… I believe that will do nicely.

>|: [

A Visit From My “Brother”, Part I: Spare me.

Ugh. So Thor has come by today, to let me know that my evil clone is securely locked up and under magical restraint. The Avengers are an annoying bunch, to say the least, but they do have their uses. Is it very wrong of me to hope that Evil Loki misbehaves just enough to get a visit from the Hulk?

Thor says he also wants to check in on Sigyn–upon whom he dotes–and see how she is doing. Considering she was chained up in a windowless warehouse, practically starved, threatened by gingerbread and wild beasts, and subjected to the poisonous rantings of a megalomaniacal not-me, I think she is doing very well indeed! She had nightmares last night, but a cuddle and some warm milk soon soothed her back to sleep. The hyena, who insisted in sleeping at Sigyn’s feet, also had nightmares, and trust me, the whimpering snore of a hyena is not a lovely sound. I put in ear plugs and slept on the sofa.

Sigyn is introducing Thor to Fisi. Two shaggy carnivores with sloppy eating habits and sub-par IQ’s–they will have a lot to talk about.


Sigyn is quite fond of her new pet, even though it does seem to be gnawing on Mjolnir!


Bad hyena! Bad Fisi! No biscuit! Ehehehehehe!

Oh, great. They’ve worked out their little squabble, and now the hyena is fawning and groveling over Thor. Mangy thing tried to bite me. Animals never like me for some reason…


Who knew hyenas have a tickle spot?!

>|: [