not only did that thing buzz–it vibrated and chased sigyn around the tabletop

Warm Lunch on a Cold Day

The humans are out and about today, running errands and accomplishing various bits of shopping.  Even though the calendar says “March” and it ought to be warm by now, it is one more in a long string of wet, cold, gray, dreary, grizzly-drizzly days that stretches back to last September.

It has been so wet that I think there may be fungus growing on the human female.  She says the long, elastic stockings are for her “poor legs.”  I think she’s wearing them to try to hold the toadstools in.

At any rate, the humans have stopped for lunch in a local eatery that can provide a warm lunch.  That sounds like a good idea.  I could eat.  Sigyn, are you hungry?

Hmm.  Do you see the sign?


To what holiday are they referring?  I know I’m looking forward to the upcoming switch to Daylight Savings Time.  It amuses me no end to see how it makes the human male mutter and rant about the time change for a week afterward.  You think Daylight Savings is stupid?  Really?  I’d never have guessed.  Do tell.

This gadget is supposed to tell us when our food is ready.


A watched buzzer never buzzes.

Ah!  Here we are!  The human female has ordered something that calls itself a pot pie.


This is patently absurd, as there is no pot–and no pie crust, just a square pillow of puff pastry.  They should call it “stew with a hat.”

I don’t trust it.

The male has been served this sandwich of beefy lineage and prodigious proportions.


I gather that the objective is to dunk the thing in the small bowl of hot, broth-like liquid that sits to the side.  In between dips, he has a small mountain of potato chips to nibble on.  Sigyn loves potato chips, though her real favorite is Cheetos.

Mmmm.  Nothing like hot food on a cold day.

Jumping Jormungandr!  All that whining about being cold and damp, and all the fuss about ordering hot food,  and THIS is what you want for dessert?!


The mortals are idiots!  If you eat that, you’ll just be cold again.  By the time you reach the miniature gingerbread muffin you’ve stuffed in the bottom of the cup, your teeth will be chattering once again.

Honestly!  Those two are so clueless that I’m astounded that they lived this long without me around to ride herd on them!

But that does look like good ice cream…

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