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Revenge of the Flora, Part 17

Hey, Rocket!  Can we get a ride back with you?”

“Yeah, I could really use a lift!”

“Me too!”


“Come on now, you parasites!  You pile that kind of weight on my sweet ride and you’re going to mess with the gas mileage!”

“Hawkeye will give you some money for gas.”

“I will?  Hey, no!  Nat, no fair!”

“Sigh.  You know, Cap, it always makes me a little misty when the family leaves.”


“Me too, Iron Man.  We make a good team.  Bye, guys!  Be safe!”

“You do realize that we all just spent like a zillion hours punching and shooting things and saving the world.  I think they can manage to survive driving a couple of miles, even with Rocket at the wheel.”

“Yeah, but it’s my job to worry about everyone.”

“You really are the Team Mom, aren’t you?”


“I’ve got a Geometry test tomorrow, so I’m gonna web on home and study.  Aunt May doesn’t like it when I’m out late on a school night.  Bye, guys!”



Brother, it has been a joy and an honor to fight by your side once again!  The Sons of Odin, united, cannot be defeated.”

“He’s not my father, Thor.”

“The Sons of Frigga, united, cannot be defeated!”

“What part of ‘I’m a Frost Giant and adopted’ don’t you understand?”


“You may posture and prickle, Loki, but I will always be proud to call you my friend and my brother.”



“Capsicle, you maybe wanna come with me and get a bite?  Being fantastic is hard work!  I’m starving.”


“What else?”



“My friends, we have created a mighty mess.  Even the Ancestors in Wakanda never saw such a battle, or such a pile of produce.”

“What’s going to happen to all of it, Loki?”

82-let human female clean it up

“Well, it was all on account of one brown-thumbed mortal.  I say:  THE HUMAN FEMALE SHOULD HAVE TO CLEAN IT UP!

The End!